houseDo you need to sell a house fast?

REIG Home Solutions offers creative solutions to tough real estate problems, so you can rest easy! We are local to San Diego, and are here to help you. Call us at (760) 848-7440, or fill out our cash offer form on the left. Help Sell my house fast

Are you in a rough spot? We will pay cash for your home and close in as little as 3 days. Literally ANY home, in ANY situation, and ANY condition, throughout San Diego and the surrounding areas!

dollarIs a fast cash offer right for you?

For some people, such as sellers with lots of equity that need or want money quickly, this is a great deal. In fact, this will be the only viable option for many sellers.

  • Stop foreclosure - when your San Diego home is facing a foreclosure sale, then sometimes all you can do to avoid the bank taking your home and your credit taking a huge hit is to sell your home fast, for cash. REIG Home Solutions can close as fast a 1 day to help stop a foreclosure sale.
  • Behind in payments –  If you are behind in payments, you may step into foreclosure or even a short sale.  We can purchase the property with cash or even take over payments when you need it most.  Check out our tips if you are behind on payments.
  • Divorce – It happens to almost 40-50% of marriages throughout the United States.  Sometimes you need to sell your home fast in order to settle mortgage payments and housing expenses.  There are some key points you should follow if you plan on selling your house in a divorce in San Diego.
  • Short Sale – Do you owe more than your home is currently worth? Learn more about the process and how you can sell your home quickly.
  • Job transfer – Need to move fast because of a new job opportunity?  Sell your home fast with cash and avoid all of the hassles.
  • Bad tenants – Do your tenants ruin the property that you own?  Get a cash offer today and avoid making repairs and deferred maintenance.
  • Bankruptcy – Sell your home to us and get cash in your hands.  Otherwise, a trustee will sell it for you once you have filed for bankruptcy.

For others with little or no equity, or that want to make more money selling the home, this is not an option. REIG Home Solutions will buy your home for cash and offer you several other options. Contact us, or fill out our cash offer form on your left, if you would like to explore this further.

listList Your Home

  • We can help you list your home.
  • If we can’t sell it – we will buy it!

Did you know there are 8 different ways to sell beyond what real estate agents will offer?  Let us show you the world beyond traditional real estate.